Annals 5: Pleistocene Dung Beetles from MIS 5 at Ziegler Reservoir, Snowmass Village, Colorado (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae)


Senior Curator of Entomology, Denver Museum of Nature & Science

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Nine aphodiine dung beetle species are recorded from Pleistocene sediments of the Ziegler Reservoir near Snowmass Village, Colorado, U.S.A. Insect remains from this deposit range from 125,000 to 77,000 yr BP, and are unique in their species richness and in their occurrence at high elevation (2720 meters). Three extant species occur: Aphodius (Dialytodius) decipiens Horn, A. (Planolinellus) vittatus Say, and A. (Planolinoides) duplex LeConte. Six unidentified species are also described, belonging to the genus Aphodius. All species are relatively small coprophagous dwellers known as endocoprids. The faunal richness of this site suggests a speciose dung beetle fauna existed at high elevations in this region, and intimates the importance of this site as one of the richest Pleistocene dung beetle sites in North America.